Do It Yourself - Transport

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With wings, wheels and thrusters, the Do It Yourself project Transport will have you going places your way! Will you fly through space on an intergalactic adventure, become a famous pilot or sail the seven seas and fight pirates? That’s all up to you! This project is delivered jam packed with everything you need to create the coolest transportation this side of the Milky Way.

Great for all young motor enthusiasts/ astronauts/pilots/sailors! You won’t find anything quite like our Transport project kit. With a unique collection of components, you will have a tonne of fun making, creating and doing it your way. Paint, glitter and markers; our kids projects have everything you need to flex your creative muscle and see what you can come up with, it’s just BYO imagination with a Transport project!

The Do It Yourself Transport kit includes:

3D Wooden Rocket,

3D Wooden Plane,

3D Wooden Car,

Paint Tubs x2,

Glue Tube,

Paint Brush,

Embroidery Thread,

Permanent Marker,

Glitter Shake,

3D Wooden Boat,

Wooden Train Frame and

Instruction Booklet.