Ravensburger 3D Unicorn Puzzle / Jewellery Tree

  • Ravensburger 3D Unicorn Puzzle / Jewellery Tree
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Beautiful new 3D puzzle accessories from Ravensburger. Choose from the Jewellery Trees, Utensil Holders and Accessory Boxes with Unicorn and Horse designs! From blond Haflinger, naughty Shetty, elegant Arabs, dotted mini Appaloosas and more. The great thing is that these stylised accessories are first assembled as a 3D puzzle and then used practically but in style! The fun and enjoyment continues long after yuo complete the puzzle. Quickly assemble all the plastic pieces of these 3D puzzles and show off your new accessory to your friends.

To assemble, just click the precisely moulded pieces together. They clip strongly together without any glue. It is possible to do the puzzle either by theme or by numbers (on the back of each puzzle piece). Then install the extra pieces to complete the accessory display.

Next comes the difficult decision of what accessories to add before you post a finished image to all your friends!