3 In A Row Shooter Game

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Includes : metal tray, 2 shooter glasses, coins and a dice.
Allow yourself to be transported to the world of real pirates by this board game. The exciting Skull Island is where the battle between the gold and silver coins must be fought. The tray contains a playing field in the shape of an island, which is divided into 20 squares by ropes. The idea is to place 3 coins of the same colour in a row - diagonally, vertically or horizontally. This sounds easier than it is because it is not allowed to be seen if you can or may place one of your coins on the board. Maybe your opponent is luckier and he gets the treasure. Pirates, skulls and parrots determine your destiny! Also... beware of the canon!

  • Box size: 30.5cm x 5cm x 30.5cm
  • Shipping weight: 1.16kg
  • Product weight: .570g