Fun Factory Wooden Push-A-Long

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Fun Factory Wooden Push Toy is a classic wooden toy that makes fun noises as you push

Toddlers love mobility, anything that moves makes them laugh, sometimes even their own hands moving will make them laugh but nothing beats the moment when they discover they can walk. Uneasy steps become stronger and faster and that's where a push toy can help with their development. Used as a steady rod (a bit like a walking stick) to start with, like an extra wide base and developing into a fun toy that is pushed and clicks along as they grow.


  • A great toy for toddlers.
  • Makes a clicking noise that increases speed as your child does.
  • Measures 54cm tall.
  • Choose from Ladybird or Bee design (each sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 49cm x 9cm x 12cm
  • Shipping weight: .490g
  • Product weight: .215g