Geomag Colour Girl 66 Pieces

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A magnetic construction kit that is pink!
Geomag is a construction system made up of magnetic rods and steel balls that, when linked together, allows for the creation of an extremely varied range of two and three dimensional forms.
GEOMAG Kids Colour 66 Pack contains 36 extra long rods (12 white and 24 crimson rods), and 30 spheres that are best suited for girls. The set also includes instructions with suggested structures and shapes to build.
GEOMAG teaches your child important lessons about problem solving, creativity, math, physics, and much more.
Designed and made in Switzerland the GEOMAGs are built to last. You can also combine the GEOMAG kits for greater fun.
Suitable for ages 5 - 9 years.

  • Box size: 27cm x 4cm x 21cm
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